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Dear Reader (if you still read me),

It has been nearly two years I haven’t posted anything in French and four years in English. A lot of things have been in my way but….One can hardly call it a blog then. Well, I want to be back. Being read again, I guess, is what it is all about. It is narcissistic, but hey…the whole of blogging is about  promoting ourselves. Oh Yes, of course, helping others. BS…No, nothing to do with the Love of others. It is the love of ourselves, or at least, the eagerness to be loved by others. I have that disease, needless to hide it…but I am working on it 🙂 I want to share. Truly. What? my experience.Woooo! Genco! Do you believe your experience is so great that it should be shared??? To that I answer: “No need to be great to share”. I actually find that sharing “moments”, “life slices” (tranches de vie) if you can have your reader travel a bit, feel something, laugh, cry, find beauty, think, have goosebumps, dream…You have achieved something. You have spread emotion. Emotion is the key of life. Express it.

But let’s move on, from the many promises I made to keep this blog alive, this is the last one. I will keep it alive. The problem is Facebook accounts are competitors to true blogging, because you have this false impression of having shared something. But you dont, really. You post, follow and like posts from others. It is a commerce of “likes”. Like my post, I will like yours. I wonder how many times it has been liked. That is not sharing. So, I decided to be much less active on Facebook and more here. I rearranged the categorization of previous posts to group them as they should be read in a certain order (look at posting dates please).

As we talk of moving, I now live in Lagos, Nigeria, where I act as the CFO of a local Logistics company serving multinationals in the “moving” of their raw materials. I know it is a lot of moving. Our planet is in movement.

Having said that, you may have realised this page is in English while most stories are in French. I apologise to those who are not bilingual but I will write in English too. I hope you will enjoy reading me.

  1. nevinsanli permalink

    Wonderful. Great job!!

  2. Rami Hayek permalink

    Let me know if you need an assistant…

  3. Serdar permalink

    share your contact info please

  4. Altug permalink

    Great idea, I will be bookmarking this!

  5. I was told recently, after a conversation, that my Dutch was not basic but intermediate. Best piece of news for a while.

  6. Nice to hear you. Good luck dear friend.

  7. nazmican permalink

    Great. I really like your blog Genco.

  8. guillemain permalink

    Gengo ton blog est pur ,clair ,lisible, tes nouvelles sont touchantes et pleines d humanité ,comme l’homme que tu es .bravo

  9. Rockaya permalink

    Pure beauté! Merci pour le partage

  10. Karen permalink

    Lovely I so much want to start a blog!!!

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