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Educate in Mosques but don’t forget the girls.

February 16, 2017

I want to praise the Emir of Kano, Mohammad Lamido Sanusi 11, 

who recently advised governors of the Northern states of Nigeria (majoritarily Muslim) to use mosques to offer primary education instead of constructing new class rooms in the current financially constraining environment. This gentle, highly educated Monarch, ex governor the Central Bank of Nigeria, is definitely willing to bring change to the lives of his citizens by spreading literacy where out-of-school children are way too numerous, due to scarcity of schools and teachers. It appears Muslim scholars welcome the idea as far as the sanctity of the worship places is respected. These are excellent news but let’s wait and see how many GIRLS do go back to school. Teaching children in mosques is nothing new while taking girls out of school is much newer. Indeed the first school-mosque in Medina, in the 7th century was for boys and girls. Let’s hope these sorely needed institutions don’t widen further the “gender divide” that blocks the Muslim world in its quest for more democracy and its ability to innovate, renew and advance. Nowhere in The Holy Qur’an or the Hadiths does it say that girls should be illiterate. All to the contrary “Seeking Knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim” (Sunan Ibn Majah vol. 1, book 1, Hadith 224). I trust his Highness the Emir will not forget to use his remarkable influence to make a point of it. 


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  1. Another very interesting post once again! Thank you! Great to hear of how things are changing in parts of the world I know so little about Hope Catherine has settled well in Lagos 🙂 Love from Rupesh and Katie 

    • Thanks Rupesh, for reading AND commenting. More to come. Catherine is very well settled indeed and sends her kind thoughts too.

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