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Welcome to Lagos

January 16, 2017

I love this picture because it is all about Nigeria. There is continuous movement and energy in this single shot. No one is still. These children were overwhelming with their restlessness. As this picture was taken close to Lagos and in a single family dwelling, it cannot depict the incredible diversity of Nigeria’s peoples but the kids are all wonderfully different, and diverse.
Yes, they were overwhelming. The more I stayed there standing, the more children came out from I don’t know where. They are so numerous and so young, obviously with young parents. “like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s Youth” (Psalm 127:4). They are beautiful, healthy and enjoy life. They have fun, are optimistic and faithful that tomorrows are good or better. They smile and laugh all the time. They have Faith.

Then…look carefully…they all do something different and none looks in the same direction. It is complete chaos. Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria. But, interestingly, it works. And the result is surprising. A surprise can be beautiful. If you want it to be. It can be Invigorating. as Khalil Gibran writes; Children are the arrows, parents are the bow that the Archer bends to give strength and direction, and children become what we are not, what we will never be. Nigeria will become what it is not. I don’t know exactly why, but I believe it will.

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  1. Francis Deweer permalink

    I couldn’t see your pictures, but I can imagine. I am myself presently in vacation in Senegal, like I do every year. I am still in admiration in front of the Senegalese people always smiling, eager to talk with foreigners and optimistic. Or, should I say, fatalist. “Inch’Allah” they very often say. This doesn’t mean that they surrender to their God, but that “it will happen” if they are alive tomorrow. Self-entreprise is the only way forward in this country, but very hard as people have little means and generally a poor education . This forces even more admiration and should inspire us who are living on salaries.

    • Francis, there is one picture of a lot of kids. I am surprised you can’t see it. Did you access from the website or via another social network?

  2. PEDRO BETHENCOURT permalink

    I could not see the picture either on my phone. But on the PC that problem does not happen.

  3. Yaw permalink

    Kind words to a lovely and lively people

  4. Franck Henri Pierre Tardivat permalink

    Lovely picture Gegen, wonderful text… Hope to see you soon 😉

    • Thanks Franck, I’d lovr to get together too but my travels to Belgium are now now mainly to visit my Mother who is in a care home in Waterloo. Yet, you’re not far away. We could try.

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