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Sunday saved me on a Sunday

December 1, 2016


A couple of weeks ago, on a nice day out at the beach house, I nearly drowned. I was caught in a nasty twirl and couldn’t get out of it. My friend Segun had warned me that the currents off Lagos Beaches are dangerous but, still, that day, after lunch, I swam. It was fun. The waves were big and I body surfed a little…but when I decided to get out of the water, I encountered serious resistance. The sea simply wouldn’t let me go. I was just 15 meters away and I couldn’t swim myself back to shore. I started getting tired and suddenly feared exhaustion. I desperately was looking at the band of wet sand I couldn’t reach, tried to rest but it was getting worse. I surprised myself, for the first time in my whole life, by calling for help. But the beach was empty. An old fishermen’s pirogue was the only thing I could see.

Suddenly, a man appeared, out of nowhere and started undressing but stopped and scrutinized my location. He then talked to me in signs, waving his arms

–          Move to your left. Don’t try to reach the beach straight. Don’t come to me straight! Was what I could hear though he didn’t talk. Just signs.

I swam just two meters to my  left and I was out of the stream and could set foot on the sand, came out of the sea and went straight to him and shook his hand. His hand was warm. I thanked him and he disappeared while my friends started to surround me as they realised something was going on.

When I told the story to Segun, he was stunned

–          He was an Angel!

Last weekend, on Sunday, I went back to the Beach House where this all happened.. and there he was, expertly monitoring a barbecue for my friends. I went straight to him. He smiled and I said

–          You know you saved me last time

–          Yes Sir, I know – he smiles at me

–          You know you are an Angel, a God Sent.

–          Welcome Sir – his smile doesn’t leave him

–          What is your name?

–          Sunday Sir

–          God Bless you Sunday. And all those you care for.

–          Amen, Sir

Then we had a long chat. About his wife in Ghana, his eight year old daughter at school. We went to the beach and he showed me the “dangerous” spots in the sea and promised to help me swim again without fear of the current, how to avoid it or how not to resist it…

When the day was over, Sunday helped carry our bags back to the boat, on the lagoon side and he kept the boat stable while we boarded. I shook his hand and he smiled again. That is when I took this picture.


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  1. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………..

    • An Angel. I tell you, Marcel. I was amazed and in awe myself and what had just happened. And when Segun said “you met an angel”, i clearly thought “makes sense” 🙂

  2. Francis Deweer permalink

    Yes, sometimes angels are at the right place and the right moment for you, but you can’t call on them.

  3. Laurence Chateau permalink

    Belle histoire !

    • Merci Laurence, je t’invite à en lire d’autres. Il suffit d’ouvrir les onglets. A bientôt.

  4. Jife MTN permalink

    Unbelievable!!! Jesus loves you!!!

  5. MUMU permalink

    Well you know what Sunday means …. Jour du soleil… no wonder……

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